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An annual feature of the Homeschool Iowa Conference, the Homeschool

Iowa Children’s Program offers a Bible-based program in a secure

environment, with screened and trained staff and teachers.

Each year holds a new theme, communicating principles found in the Word

of God in an effective and exciting way through songs, memory verses,

activities, lesson times, and the much anticipated drama! Our 8 part drama

is fully scripted and costumed, the stage is beautifully set, and the story line

captures the attention of every attendee.

LIBERTY, coming in 2017, will present how true liberty is found in Christ,

with the drama being set in early American History.

Children’s Program 2017: LIBERTY

Join the adventure June 2-3, 2017

 One Republican Senator, Paul Pate, had not been pres-

ent for the vote. The Democrat Senate leaders left the vot-

ing open for 45 minutes, attempting to find the senator so

he could cast his vote. Why?

If Senator Pate voted for the

motion, it would pass. And, if Senator Pate voted against

the motion, it would create a tie, allowing the Democrat

President Pro Tempore to vote for the motion, causing it

to pass. So, either way, if Senator Pate had appeared and

voted, the motion would have passed.

 By God’s grace, he did not arrive in time. The voting was

closed and bill had been stalled. The homeschoolers in the

Senate gallery evacuated to the rotunda to rejoice and

scan the vote tally. Who had voted for the bill? Who had

voted against? By God’s grace, many unexpected votes

were noted. There were hugs and tears of joy. A grace peri-

od had been created, in which further work could be done.

 In 1991, the bill creating the foundations for our current

Iowa homeschool law was enacted, without many of

the odious terms that had been included in the 1990

SF 149 bill.


Home educators who join together, and who make per-

sonal contacts with our elected officials, can be used by

God to accomplish great things.

 Stay connected with a local support group and with

NICHE, your state organization. Reach out to those who

represent you!

Julie Naberhaus

and her husband, Garry, homeschooled all

nine of their children, currently ages 15-33, and were found-

ing NICHE board members. After retiring from the board in

2009, Julie began serving in her current position as the NICHE

administrative assistant.